Hello guys.. I hope you all are doing good.. So this time i am going to review and tell you about the icekraft. Icekraft is situated in Mumbai Oshiwara and also in pune.. So i visited the icekraft oshiwara and i got the best taste in icecream.. Icekraft is like a gem in oshiwara andheri just beside the meera tower or the bar stock exchange.. 

For spending a quality time with your friends or family with good music and positive vibes i recommend icekraft.. You have choice here to make your own icecream and also you can have a look while they make it..

So i go with the servings here. They have good menu options from satisfying your sweet tooth to chatpata tooth. Haha.. And here the menu goes not only with icecreams but cheese, herbed, paprika, crincle cut fries.. Fries here is  just  yummmmm.. They have options for making icecreams from base to sauce to toppings. They also convert your icecream into thick shakes and freak shakes. Freak shakes are just awesome.. They also have salad bar which you can get converted into sandwiches and they also have steamed corn.. Lastly the pancakes and waffles are something that you will want more.. I had the best pancake here.. Till then what i had here, enjoy with pictures❤️

1- Classic kraft

2- Banana bread premium pancake.

3- Herbed crinckle cut fries with cheese dip.

4- Nutella freakshake.

5- Red velvet waffle.

And this is how they roll.. 

Value for money- 5/5.    

Taste- 5/5. 

Interior(Ambience)- 5/5. 

Recommendation- High. 

Thankyou for reading..

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